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  1. Great show last night! Loving these topics and the discussions. I just have a question. Why is it so hard to date while being a Christian? Or is it not hard for some? Seems to me like it should be easier to date Christians because you ultimately should have the same goal.(In Christ) Sounds like from some discussions everyone has check lists of their wives or husbands. These list seem to me to be perfect people, when we ourselves are striving for perfection. Not saying dumb down your list, just be a realist! I really loved to hear someone say on the call,” we all have baggage we just have to find the right one who is willing to help us unpack.” That was so good! We are not perfect people and we may have our own lists of our”perfect people” just remember you too will be measured to anothers list:) Matthew 7 😉 Blessings

  2. Here are a few books that discuss the topic of rejection.


    1. God’s Remedy for Rejection
    By: Derek Prince

    2,Life After Rejection: God’s Path to Emotional Healing
    By Jonas Clark

    \3. The Root of Rejection: Escape the Bondage of Rejection and Experience the Freedom of God’s Acceptance by Joyce Meyer (Oct 2002)

  3. 4RealTalk radio has been a blessing in my life. Elder Mark T. Jackson does an excellent job presenting participants with relevant topics we can all relate to or learn more about. Just being able to engage in conversation about real life issues and hearing honest feedback from both men and women is uplifting. I always learn something new from every call and there is never a dull moment! I have my aha moments and there are times that will definitely make you say hmm.. I would encourage anyone that is benefiting from the call to partner and support 4RealTalk radio with Elder Mark. Thanks Elder Mark for making people keep it real!!

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