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Let us know that you accomplished something on the vision wall!  We want to celebrate you!


  1. Hi Family!
    I did it! I Graduated from Barbizon of Akron (school for Acting & Modeling) I’m officially a Model for Pro Model & Talent Mgmt. Praise God b/c my Dreams are becoming my Reality.”

  2. Hey, it has been a few months or more since I posted my goals. So I lost tens pounds, paid off a credit card. I have to work on the second 1/2 of years on more goals, but I am excited to see things get accomplished. Praise God!!

  3. Family!! I did it!! I graduated from Malone University with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Language Arts!!! I give God glory and praise. I’m asking Him to take the honor; I just want to say THANK YOU!

  4. Hey Family! I am extremely proud of all of you! You did it! Don’t stop! Never give up!
    I would like to announce that I finished the “We’re Amazed” CD! YEAH – I DID IT! To God be the glory!

  5. I DID IT!! 60.1 miles DONE!

    • Go Kami, go Kami!! Woooo-hooo!!! Awesome!

    • On Monday June 17th, 2013 went to the doctor and when they took my weight ..I was 237 pounds ! Yes, At the beginning of January when, I made my New Years Resolution to 4 Real Talks Vision Wall I was 278 pounds … but, I have lost over 40 pounds all together !!!!

      • In addition to that, my blood pressure was 142/90 the lowest it has ever been in history , and my EKG reading was good !!!!

        • I would also like to say that, I finally completed the floor and vanity in my bathroom and the paint job should be completed before the week is out!!!! My Bathroom looks so beautiful !!! (Thanks 4 holding us accountable 4 Real Talk) ….

  6. Well I paid off the remainder of my credit card debt!!! $2194.03 of freedom!!! One more goal knocked down….many more to go!!!! 🙂 Now please pray that I can get these student loans forgiven!!!


    • How awesome! This is motivation for me! I will be praying about those student loans Sis! Blessings and congratulations on your accomplishments!

      • Thanks sis!!!! I will be praying for you too!! That we all are debt free in the name of Jesus!!!

    • Congratulations jameka!! That’s AMAZING!!

  7. I did it!! I hit my weight goal this AM!!! Now it is time for sculpting and contouring!!! God is Awesome I have come a long way since September 2011!!! 🙂

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