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What’s On Your Vision Wall For 2014?  Let us hold you accountable for your goals this year!  Write down 3 to 5 goals that you expect to accomplish this Year!  When you accomplish your goal, sign the “I Did It” Blog!


  1. I’m reading some of your post and I am touching and agreeing with you. Great job everyone!!! Keep up the good work!!! Teamwork makes the dream work:)

  2. I’m late posting my goals but I’ve been working hard since January 1st.
    Growing closer to Christ
    Being better steward over my time, talent and treasures
    Lose 50lbs
    Start working on my degree
    Start the process of building my home

    Just to name a few…

  3. You guys can do it! Don’t give up!

  4. Goals:

    1. Graduate with my Masters in Social Work this Spring! (May 3, 2013!!!!!!)

    2. Read the bible and do devotions everyday

    3. Become more fit and healthy (Wanting to lose 30-45lbs)

    4. Finish my Pathway to Purpose class and try out for the Akron Praise Team!

    • The anticipation! Come come come on to the Praise Team! Yay!

  5. 3 Goals I want to accomplish by April…

    1. bike at least 60. miles (at 42. now)

    2. read at least 8 books (at 5 now)

    3. have my business plan all written out

  6. Vision for 2013

    1. Have phase 1 of business planning done with my BP’s
    2. Have all editing done on 1st book I’m co-authoring (ready for publishing)
    3. Master stillness & trust in God
    4. Improve success of blog
    5. Complete 3-6 books

    From April on:

    1. Kill my credit card balance
    2. Increase car payments
    3. 2-3 certifications (life coaching, stress management, spiritual formation)
    4. Ride a horse
    5. Complete phases 2-4 of business planning with BP’s

  7. 1. My goal is to continue towards my 2nd Masters degree 4.0 this semester

    2. Complete Insanity workouts (42 days to go)

    3. Increase credit score

  8. debt free this year
    drop 5lbs of weight ( fat )
    jump out of a plane ( sky diving )
    start whynotlookgoodnaked ( mind, body and soul )
    to be a great dad to my daughter
    and my #1 goal to spend more time with God

  9. My goals are:

    1. Pay off some debt!
    2. Vacation somewhere out of the country becuse I will be graduating with my Master’s this May. Yeah!!! Gracias Jesus!
    3. Publishsome of my writings or at least start the process.
    4. Whatever else may unplanned that I can get accomplished!
    GO GET IT!!

  10. My goal are:

    1. Pay off some debt!
    2. Vacation out of the country Because I will be graduating with my Master’s. Yeah!!!
    3. Publish some of my writings or at least start the process.
    4. Whatever else…

  11. 1.) Pay off al debt with the exception of student loans and double up on my car payments so I can pay it off sooner.
    2.) Meet my final weight goal.
    3.) Finish my first year in my PhD program with a 4.0 gpa.
    4.) Spend more time communicating with God.
    5.) Spend more QUALITY time with my son.
    6.) Communicate more effectively.
    7.) Continue to build and modify my plan for my non-profit.
    8.) Save more and spend less on things I don’t really NEED.

  12. 1) Lose 15-20lbs by April
    2) This year pay off all debt with the exception of student loans
    *Debt free by my 30th birthday 2014
    3) Teach my son to tie his shoes
    4) Take my son to the beach
    5) Believe God

  13. 1.) 52 Week Money Challenge
    2.) Finish Master’s Degree in Business Administration this year!!
    3.) Loose 60-70lbs in order to be Healthly & Fit!!
    4.) Pay off All of my Outstanding Debt!!

  14. 1. My Goal is to graduate with my 2nd Master’s Degree this Spring!

    2. I want to pay my car off

    3. I want to record another CD

    • I hope that, you create some musical notes for the song I wrote you and put it on the CD???

      • Pastor Higgenbottom, I didn’t know you write music? What type of music do you write? Do you sing or play any instruments?

  15. I graduate on May 4th this year!! My goal is to have all A’s this semester so that I can graduate with honors.

    • GO VICKIE!!!!! You got this Sis!! Praising Him in advance with you!!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see you walk that stage!! wooo hooo!!!!

  16. * My Goal is t get down to a size 14-16 by April.

    *To try the 52 WEEK CHALLENGE

    * To help my mom fix the kicthen sink & bathroom.

    * To Clean out the Administrative Office at church.

    * To buy a new car.

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